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“Telling your tale visually”
Script Writing
With a full understanding of our capabilities, tools and techniques, we can write scripts that will push the visual boundaries. We can work around your product theme or tailor something to your liking if no previous branding exists.

In order to best represent the script’s concept before any production work begins the script is broken into a series of images which represent each shot in the production. This is provided with the script to the clients, if needed, as part of the pre-production package.

Video Editing
After your project has been filmed; all of that footage needs to be brought together into a project that flows. Our flexibility allows us to work from our studio or in your studio as an outsourced editor.

  Motion Graphics
In some cases no shots are taken for a project and the entire project is made of graphics or a mixture of graphics and video footage. Putting these graphics into motion with the right tools can give your project a more dynamic feel than that of a PowerPoint presentation or a simple slide show. Anything from presentations to animated logos to full commercials can be achieved with this method.

We have the full capacity of producing all forms of animation to suit your needs. We list animation as a service above motion graphics bringing full character animation into play which would allow your products to be represented by mascots. The use of animation can be applied to presentations, commercials, music videos all the way to films.

  Special Effects
This is a most diverse service. We can create the improbable or the impossible via digital means for your visual needs. Whether it is someone catching on fire, an explosion, a non-existent background or even magic, we can add these things to your production.

Architectural and Product Visualisation
When a designer delivers the finished plans for your product, you may have need of this service. Blueprints may be difficult to read; you may wish to view your product for consultations purposes, you may wish to put your product up for sale before its completion. We can provide you with photo-realistic stills or video of your product via digital means.

  Color Grading
When your project is completed, you want to ensure that it has the right feel to it. Color plays an important visual role in invoking emotions. A blue tone could represent cold or sorrow, green might give an uneasy feeling while bright colors might make you happier. This process can push your project into the right feeling needed for each shot. The technique can be used to make sure that colors match from shot to shot if, for instance, they were shot under different lighting conditions.

Web Building
If you wish to take your company or your products to the web we can help you create your web presence. We will sit with you to gather information on how the site will look and how it will operate and then produce the website that satisfies and suits your needs.

  Live Graphics
If you have a live TV show to produce we can create a user interface for live graphics to be introduced to your production. Consulting on the appropriate hardware to be purchased is available or you can rent a pre-built system to run the graphics.